What is Elite?
In 2017 Aspire started up two ELITE groups, one Junior and one Senior, and in early 2019 the final 'Mini Elite' group was added. The aim is to offer training to Gifted + Talented Students who have declared an interest in a career in dance or simply just live for it. The training in Elite consists of all styles of dance: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary, Lyrical, Commercial, Body Conditioning, Limbering, Gymnastics and also Drama. As well as this the Students in these teams also take private lessons for competitions and festivals. They train for approximately 10-15 hours a week. It takes a lot of commitment and dedication but our teams are genuinely like a family; they solidify the family morale and spread it throughout the whole dance school. The progression these Students have made in such a short space of time is fantastic, and it just shows that hard work does pay off.
How do i get to be in Elite?
To be in Elite you have to be invited by the principal, but you can declare an interest and your progress can be monitored in class.




Maddison Jones

My name is Maddison Jones and I have been dancing at Aspire for nearly four years. After the Rule Britannia show in 2017 I won Most Improved Dancer of the Year and I was over the moon. As well as dancing full time at Aspire, I am an ambassador for Lancashire Dance Festival and I compete regularly. 

My favourite style of dance is lyrical or contemporary. I love dance because it is a way for me to express myself without anyone judging me. I am really looking forward to being senior elite captain, so I can share all of my ideas and push the seniors to be the best they can possibly be.


Amelia Martin

Hi, I am Amelia and I am the Senior Vice Captain for 2019/2020. I have been dancing since the age of 4 and I have been very fortunate to have trained at Aspire for the last 5 years. My favourite dance style is commercial and I am influenced by dance troupe - Royal FamilyTheir choreography is unbelievable and they inspire me to try new techniques. Flexibility has always been my biggest challenge. I believe I can help others persevere & show resilience. To overcome obstacles you need to put in the hard work. The best advice I could give to my team members is, confidence is key! 

'The more you work on your performance, the more your confidence will naturally grow with your skills.'


Brooke Gilbertson

Hi, I'm Brooke! I am 12 years old and very proud to be Junior Elite Captain. I have been at Aspire for 7 years now and they have been the best years of my life! I joined Aspire at its first ever class and I have been here ever since - I am the longest standing dancer to have joined.

In this time I have developed and grown as a dancer in many different styles; my favourite being commercial. I compete regularly with my Elite team members and also as a solo, duo and trio performer. Aspire isn't just a dance school, we are a family, and most of all we are best friends who share the same passion - dance!

I am really looking forward to this coming year as the Junior Elite Captain and I have lots of exciting things planned for my team!


Katie Morris

My name is Katie Morris and I am so proud to be the junior elite vice captain. As vice captain I believe I can help not only the junior elites but anyone who feels challenged at Aspire. I have been dancing at Aspire since I was 4.. Dance is one of my passions and I love it! I have gained lots of confidence and have grown as a dancer!

Since I have been at Aspire I have been awarded lots of opportunities such as Shows, Festivals, performing in front of lots of people, making new friends and many more. Aspire has been a big part of my life and I look forward to coming every day and what challenges it brings.

Aspire has helped me grow socially as it has helped me make lots of friends and by being vice captain I will be able to not just help them but lots of other students at Aspire and help them grow and become a stronger dancer.


Kiahna Wright

Hey, I’m Kiahna! I am 14 years old and feel very honoured to take on the role of Mini Elite Captain. I started dancing at Aspire when I was 7 years old doing just one hour a week of Street Dance. When I was 10 years old I started to attend ballet, tap and gymnastics classes. The past 7 years at Aspire have been the best years of my life and I spend most of my spare time at the studio, it’s my favourite place to be and I love everyone who goes! Last year, it was an honour to win Young Volunteer of the Year at Bolton Sports Awards. This was for the amount of time I have spent over the years helping at Aspire. When I started at Aspire, I was quite shy and it has helped me develop and grown my confidence as a person and as a dancer. As part of the Senior Elite team I now learn a variety of dance styles however, my favourite is contemporary. I compete often as a soloist and a team member and I get a real buzz from this. I absolutely adore the Minis and they are all like my little sisters! I cant wait to work with them, help them to achieve their goals and support them in anyway that I possibly can. Its going to be hard work but we will have lots of fun as well and I can’t wait to see their improvements. BIG things ahead for them! Watch out for our Stars of The Future!!


Maisie Jones

My name is Maisie and I have been dancing at Aspire for three & a half years now, and its like my second home. After the Show Rule Britannia I was awarded 'Outstanding Achievement' and I was so happy. I love dance because any bad days I have had in the past I know dance will cheer me up. My favourite styles would either be Commercial or Acro. I also have a lot of other hobbies: netball, athletics, art and a lot more but dance is very unique to me, it is something I could do all day every day.

I want the minis to feel they can confide in me about any problems, and want me to help them with any moves or dances that they are struggling with. I would love to help the minis gain confidence and have fun in every aspect. I want to help the minis accomplish all of their dreams. 

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