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Here at Aspire we have two Elite training teams - Mini Elite (ages 8-12) and Main Elite (ages 13-18).


Our Elite teams train between 10 and 15 hours per week and Elite members are selected upon invitation only. The teams were created specifically for students that are gifted & talented, and for students that are 100% committed to the art and/or want to pursue a career in the performing arts industry. With just 12 places in each Elite team, students working towards a place in the team understand they must consistently work hard in order to progress to an exceptional standard.

The two teams work differently in terms of the disciplines they train in. Mini Elite members train in all genres of dance including: Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, Technical Jazz, Street Dance, Lyrical, Gymnastics & Drama. Main Elite members have a core set of genres they must study including: Ballet (minimum twice a week), Technical Jazz and Body conditioning, as well as at least three other disciplines of their choice. 

Body conditioning is a huge part of our Elite training. Students do at least 1.5 hours a week of this as it builds their strength, agility, posture, balance and overall stamina. Our Elite students understand that it is vital in order to avoid injury and support the flexibility in their joints. Limbering is something our Elite students also do on a daily basis and this improves their flexibility and allows them to become more supple.

Although our Elite training is intense and it is hard work, it does come with many rewards. Not only do our students see incredible progress in a short space of time, they are given lots of opportunities. These have included: ambassador sponsorships, trips to London, training with industry professionals and convention performances to name a few.

If you think you or your child has what it takes to be invited onto one of our Elite teams, please get in touch by clicking here and your child's progress will be monitored closely in class. Alternatively, if you do not attend Aspire, please click here to arrange an assessment with the school principal.

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