Showcase 2019

FAQs !

Q: How does the ticket selection work?

A: Click on the relevant link for your event then you will need to register with StageStubs to be able to purchase. Anyone that attended the show last year should still have a valid account as it is the same website show tickets were purchased through. Once registered (which can be done now prior to Friday) you may view the seating chart and select which seats you would prefer to buy.


“Into The Wonderland” a buffet will be provided, we only need to be made aware if there is a specific dietary need such as vegan or vegetarian etc.. so your buffet selection can be adjusted accordingly. Once you have bought your tickets please send an email to to make us aware.


“Step into Hollywood” your meal choice is selected when you select your ticket in the form of a drop down box.


Q: Will my child only be in one dance?

A: Yes, if they only attend one class a week then they will only perform one dance. If your child attends 2 classes then they will perform 2 dances etc…


Q: How can I ensure I sit with my friend?

A: The easiest way is for one person to book all the tickets then send a message to to make us aware that is what you have done so we can take it into account when printing the ticket report before open sale date.


Q: Will the ticket system prevent me from booking more than 3 tickets if that is the case?

A: No, we didn’t restrict the system to enable Aspire dance and stage parents to book seats so people could choose to sit with friends. We do receive a report to show how many tickets an individual as booked so please do send the email so we can note the reason on your purchase.


Q : My child attends the 5-6 Junior drama group as well as street dance so has been invited to both events do I need to purchase tickets for both ?

A: No, the junior drama group are attending to perform at Into the Wonderland but you may bring your child to watch them perform at Wonderland and then take them home.


Q: Do I need to purchase costumes for Step into Hollywood?

A: No, we tried to keep costs to a minimum.As this is an event purely for the children to have a celebration of their hard work throughout the year children only need to dance in Aspire uniform and then change into party outfits.


Q: I can’t afford to buy ball gowns or prom type dresses for my family what do I do?

A: You can dress as a celebrity or character or in a nice dress, shirt and trousers! We do not expect anyone to buy expensive outfits. We have children informing us they are wearing cycling shorts and a crop jumper as they have chosen to attend as Ariana Grande!!! So it can be anything in your wardrobe already, we are hoping to see some fun outfits on the night J


Q: How will I ensure my family gets to sit with me as they cannot purchase tickets until open sale date?

A: This wouldn’t be something we could control. If you inform your family and friends where you have secured a seat and then they can choose the nearest seat available.

Q: The tickets are more expensive on the front row, why is this?

A: We tried to make the event as affordable as we possibly could for everyone and as similar to theatre settings we didn’t feel it fair to charge people sitting on the back row of tables the same price as those tables with a front row view. This isn’t staggered seating like it is at the shows so thought this was the fairest way.


Q: Can my child just attend to perform and then leave?

A: Unfortunately this isn’t possible as we have secured the event and prices on the basis people attend the entire evening.


Q: Can we attend without having to purchase the meal?

A: As above unfortunately no, the venue is secured with the meal inclusive.


Q: Do we get to choose our meal?

A: The meal choices are listed with ticket type so please select which option you would prefer. If you are attending the Into the Wonderland event the buffet is already selected for you.


Q: Can my child attend on their own?

A: The venue has confirmed that anyone under the age of 16 would require a chaperone so an adult would need to attend with each child.


Q: What time do I need to start queuing?

A: The great news is the seats are already chosen so no one need arrive earlier than necessary. The doors will open at 6 so you may locate your seat on the table plan provided.

Q: What are the food menu options?

A: The Adult Menu is:


Melon or Tomato Soup


Chicken or Gnocci


Sticky Toffee Pudding or Vanilla Cheesecake

The Childrens Menu is:


Garlic Bread or Tomato Soup


Burger + Chips / Chicken Nuggets + Chips / Macaroni Cheese


Chocolate Brownie or Selection of Ice-Cream



If you think of anything else we haven’t covered please email