Showcase 2022

FAQs !

For Nominations, please click here!

Nominations only open from 2nd May.

Q: When and how will we be able to purchase tickets? 

A: Tickets will go on Pre - sale Monday 30th May 2022. (Please remember for each Aspire student, up to 3 tickets (including their own) may be purchased.


Once every Aspire student has had the opportunity to purchase their allocated ticket allowance we will then open up the tickets for general sale on Friday 10th June (subject to availability at this point) it is a first come first served basis and no further tickets will be available once the event has sold out.

A link will be added or sent via email in the days leading up to ticket release - but for info they will be sold via Stage Stubbs like last time.


Q: How much will tickets cost for the showcases? 

A: We will confirm this in the 2 weeks leading to tickets going on sale but we can tell you the prices at the last showcase ranged between £30-£36 per adult and £18-£23.00 per child inclusive of the meal. Please note due to inflation these prices may vary but this will provide a rough idea.  

Q: How many seats are on a table? 

A: 12. 

Q: What time does my child need to arrive? 

A: Please refer to your information email which informs you which showcase your child is attending - as this will explain arrival times.  You will be able to stay at the venue bar while you wait for the showcase to start, if you wish.  Don't forget, there's a discounted rate for the hotel if you wanted to stay over (see showcase posters for more information).

Q: Will my child only be in one dance?

A: If your child attend one class a week then they will perform one dance. If your child attends 2 classes then they will perform 2 dances, and so on…

Q: Will I need to purchase a ticket for my child who is dancing?

A: Yes

Q: How many tickets am I allowed to buy?

A: For each Aspire student, up to 3 tickets (including their own) may be purchased

Q: How can I ensure I sit with my friend?

A: The easiest way is for one person to book all the tickets (the system will allow you to do this).

Q: What if I'd like to buy more than my 3 allocated tickets, ie for extra family?

A: We want to make sure everyone has the chance to come along to the Showcase and numbers are limited. However, if we reach a point where there are spare spaces available we will release them for general sale.

Q: Do I need to purchase costumes for Disney or Decades Showcases? 

A: No, we tried to keep costs to a minimum.  As this is an event purely for the children to have a celebration of their hard work throughout the year children only need to dance in Aspire uniform and then change into party outfits once they have danced.

Gymnasts: Aspire gym leotard, with either Aspire leggings or Aspire shorts or plain black leggings

Footwear: Bare feet

Street dance and Drama: ANY Aspire uniform, e.g Aspire joggers, Aspire baseball shirt, any style Aspire crop top, Aspire shorts, Aspire leggings

Footwear: Black trainers or jazz shoes

Ballet / Tap: Aspire leotard with Aspire shorts, or for our younger students (prep/primary) Aspire leotard with skirt.

Ballet Footwear: Ballet tights and ballet shoes

Tap Footwear: Black ankle socks and black tap shoes

Lyrical / contemporary / modern: Aspire leotard with Aspire shorts (and Aspire crop top if required)

Footwear: Bare feet or Foot undies / Pirouette shoes (only if you prefer to wear them rather than bare feet)


Q: I can’t afford to buy ball gowns or prom type dresses for my family, what do I do?

A: You may dress as a Disney character for the Disney showcase, or any outfit from any decade for the Decade showcase, or of course simply smart dress.  We do not expect anyone to purchase expensive outfits.

Q: The tickets are more expensive on the front row, why is this?

A: We tried to make the event as affordable as we possibly could for everyone and as similar to theatre settings we didn’t feel it fair to charge people sitting on the back row of tables the same price as those tables with a front row view. This isn’t staggered seating like it is at the shows so thought this was the fairest way.


Q: Can my child just attend to perform and then leave?

A: Unfortunately this isn’t possible as we have secured the event and prices on the basis people attend the entire evening.


Q: Can we attend without having to purchase the meal?

A: As above unfortunately no, the venue is secured with the meal inclusive.


Q: Do we get to choose our meal?

A: The meal choices will be listed with ticket type so please select which option you would prefer. 


Q: Can my child attend on their own?

A: The venue has confirmed that anyone aged 16 or under would require a chaperone so a minimum of one ticketed adult would need to attend with each child.

Q: What time do I need to start queuing?

A: The great news is the seats are already chosen so no one need arrive earlier than necessary - please see your child's showcase poster for arrival times and doors opening times

Q: What are the food options, and how do I choose?

A: Food options are chosen when purchasing your tickets, here are the options so you can check what to order before the tickets go on sale - please email to advise of specific dietary requirements such as allergies:

Adult meals:


Starter - 

  1. Local fishcakes

  2. Mini vegetable spring rolls (Vegetarian)

  3. Pea + cider vinegar croquettes (Gluten free + Vegan)

Main - 

  1. Roast breast of chicken

  2. Pan fried fillet of salmon 

  3. Caramelised red onion + rosemary sausages (Vegan)

Dessert -

  1. Vanilla cheesecake

  2. Rich chocolate brownie

  3. Raspberry and Frangipane Tart (Vegan)

  4. Dark Chocolate Tart (Vegan)


Childrens meals:

Starter - 

  1. Soup (Vegan)

  2. Garlic bread

Main - 

  1. Chicken nuggets + Chips

  2. Vegetarian option - Macaroni cheese

  3. Red onion + rosemary sausages with chips (Vegan)

Dessert -

  1. Locally sourced ice-cream (Vegetarian)

  2. Homemade chocolate brownie (Vegetarian)

  3. Fresh fruit salad with sorbet (Vegan)


All childrens meals include a free cordial.

If you think of anything else we haven’t covered please email