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Show 2023


Q: Where do i purchase tickets? 

Tickets can be purchased through stagestubs. Link below for ease of reference:

Q: What time do the doors open for audiences for live shows? (Please see further down Q&A for cast arrival times)

A. Friday 7th July Evening Show - 6.15pm (Show starts 7pm)

Saturday 8th July Matinee Afternoon Show - 1.15pm (Show starts 2pm)

Saturday 8th July Evening Show - 6.15pm (Show starts 7pm)

IMPORTANT - Please have your tickets ready on your phone for our volunteers and staff to be able to scan.  

Q. Do the Elites and Acro Squad need to attend all day for the filming day at the Albert Halls on Sunday 9th July? 

A. No, the Elite teams and Acro squads only need to attend in the afternoon with

Cast B - 13:00 - 15:30

Q: Do gymnastics groups/acro squads wear tights for the show performances? 

A. Yes, the shimmer/matte tights are convertible but must be adjusted to look neat at the bottom (not rolled up) adjust to look like leggings when performing.

Q: My child has different hairstyles listed on the costume bags, which style does my child need? 

A. Please disregard any hairstyles listed. All children need to arrive with hair done in 2 french plaits. If your child does Ballet and Tap they will also need a bobble, bun net (optional) for the chaperone to be able to place your child's plaits into a bun.

PLEASE NOTE: Send your child with bobbles, hairspray, bun net (if applicable), bobby pins etc.. 

Q: I have purchased 'shimmer' tights but a recent email mentioned matte tights, have I purchased the incorrect ones? 

A. All tights purchased through our Aspire website this year

will be the correct ones ordered. If you purchased from elsewhere they should be "Silky Convertible High Performance Tights" in colour Tan. We listed as shimmer tights originally as this is what the children refer to the tights as but they do have a matte appearance.  

Q: What time does my child need to arrive at the Albert Hall on Show days? 

A. Please see show times listed for the performance dates below, ​drop off is at the side entrance opposite the Bolton News.

* Friday 7th July Evening - Inter/Senior Show (Cast B) 17:00. Show finish time approx 21:15.

* Saturday Matinee show - Infant/Junior Show (Cast A) 12:00 noon. Show finish time approx 15:30.

* Saturday Evening show - Inter/Senior (Cast B) 17:00. Show finish times approx 21:15.

  • Sunday 9th July - Filming day (closed show / no audience) - Please note there was a slight typo on the Show Information Pack in regards to filming day. To confirm the drop off and collection times are listed below: 

   Cast A - Infant / Junior

   DROP OFF 11.00AM

   COLLECTION 12.30pm

   Cast B - Inter / Senior  

   DROP OFF 1.00PM

   COLLECTION 3.30pm

Q: Should my child arrive to the shows in their first costume?

A. Yes please, with their orange show t-shirt over the top of the costume. If your child can also come with their hair done and ready please. Your child will more than likely know their first dance, but if they are unsure, please see Kirsty at reception.

Q: Apart from costumes and footwear, does my child need to bring anything else?

A: Because some of the students will have waiting times in between dances, it would be a good idea for them to bring small games, colouring books or reading books. They will also need to bring plenty of drinks and snacks (no nuts please), and any medical treatments such as inhalers or epipens.

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