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aspire family tree

Aspire Family Tree is a fundraising organisation set up by parents of Aspire Dance & Stage.


The money raised will be used to provide equipment and improvements to Aspire's studios, for the benefit of the Aspire students.  

We are applying for a number of grants, as well as organising various fundraising events. 

Grant applications are currently being completed and recent activities have included a bag pack at Asda, a sleepover party and a showcase style even at Bolton Marketplace, as well as a raffle at our latest show.

We've already raised a good amount of money .... and have recently been able to assist Aspire financially with the improvement of the dance studios.

We have invested in an air-track, sprung flooring, ballet barres and mirrors!

To see photos of the improvements please click here.

How we fund-raise

Get involved

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Aspire Family Tree is made up of the following board of trustees:

Chair: Jon Jackson

TreasurerJohn Gilbertson

Secretary: Stef Partington

Any Aspire parents are more than welcome to volunteer with ideas and organising events - look out for opportunities to get involved through this page and the Facebook page!

In the meantime, if you have any ideas let us know by clicking below.....

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Coming soon...

We will soon be adding a calendar of events and meetings here. 

Come back soon for more information!

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